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Hello viewers .. see again .. In this post, I will share a traditional recipe but have a high competitive value in the modern era .. This time I will share the recipe of chicken ingkung, this food is famous for long time in Java area, but in area of west kalimantan, still rarely found, So it may be for those of you who want to open a business but confused the business will run .. please try ..Check out the recipe .. Ingkung Chicken ingredients: 1. 1 whole chicken chicken 2. 2 tablespoons lemon juice 3. 1 tbsp salt 4. 750 ml of coconut milk from 1 coconut 5. 4 tbsp oil, for sautéing Ingkung Fine Spicy Chicken: 1. 10 onion grains 2. 6 cloves of garlic 3. 10 pieces of curly red pepper 4. 5 candlenuts, Gongseng 5. 4 cm turmeric, burn 6. 1 tbsp salt Spicy Chicken Breast Complement: 1. 2 bay leaves 2. 4 pieces of lime juice aun 3. 2 stalks lemongrass, crushed 4. 4 cm ginger, crushed 5. 4 eyes of Javanese acid, brewed hot water, strain 6. 4 tablespoons sliced brown sugar How to make Ingkung Chicken: 1. Spread the c…
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assalamualaikum ... What is reportedly the viewrs .. hopefully healthy is always yes .. See you again in my blog .. Okay immediately, this time I will post the results of my interview with someone who has the ability to restore limb (especially bones) broken ..He named H. misyka .. He is currently 73 years old, he has a remarkable ability, even though he was old but still she has a young spirit. He is currently living in jl. Jaya Rasau Gg. Masjid. Fitting his house next to the mosque. She has 2 children who are currently married his son everything, he just lives alone with his wife. Perhaps it was only a short history of an expert in terms of fractures. Well just get in on the discussion .. Here is a question that I asked the question to him: 1. Is the broken bone healed .. 2. Did you ever learn about the science of these fractures .. 3. Is this science can be taught to others 4. Is this science is only science derivative .. He answered that it is actually a broken bone can be restored, although n…

my task

My task this time is to publish a glorious story before learning to finally finish the course of English economy. Well go see the story. , , On the day it (actually Tuesday) I got to campus at half eight straight to the empty space being together with my friends to learn subjects ACCOUNTING MEDIUM. Because the room was already filled all. And then there is room Incidentally existing students. But they are still waiting for professors who have not come so we were with friends borrow friends as they entered his office at 8, so they deign heart to leave the room and wait outside. Once we entered and waited awhile, then the class president announced a notice that a lecturer can not be present. So we left the room and headed straight to AMCOR (American corner).Once we got past our Amcor sitting on a bench that has been provided. Then we were asked by the clerk "for what the guys here, whether college or just want to read a book?" We replied that we were here there were lectures on ear…

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ASSALMUALAIKUM WR. WB hello viewer's ... See you back on my blog, hopefully viewer's always given health, Ameen .. in this post I will discuss the task titled "I can’t imagine life without oxygen ' I can’t imagine how proxies GOD Almighty, who has created this natural universe, Human life on earth with a variety of pleasures that God gave that to this day no man can count the blessings that God has given to us all .. Okay, we just enter in a discussion titled "I can’t imagine life without oxygen ' Oxygen is the most vital human needs, if the universe has no oxygen, no man will live.Fortunately God created all this with free of charge/ without ever asking us to pay for it.It is inconceivable if God asks us to pay for the life of the world, if he could pay for it? .. the human need for oxygen in the day and night is 2,880 liters and 11 376 liters of nitrogen (according to medical experts). Just imagine how much money should we spend to pay the price of our breaths per d…

my skill

hi... how are you the viewer's, see you again in my blog.
in this post, i Will discuss about "skill", the ability, or so-called talent, expertise.
talking about skill or ability, but before i will explain a bit about skill or talent, or commonly referred to capabilities.
skill is a person's basic ability to learn within a relatively short compared to other people, but the result is better. talent is the potential possessed by a person as inborn. that a little explanation about the ability or skill.
Well immediately, this time I will explain some abilities that I have currently.
Actually I do not know exactly what the advantages of me. But certainly all humans have the capacity, respectively. Maybe I included of the human race who does not know that he does not know, but now I have a hobby that I think my hobbies that included an expensive hobby, because of my hobby, I have ever paid by an institution that instructed me to make a masterpiece.
My hobby is actually a lot, but…

profession of an economist

kelompok :
. lam alif saputro
. marianus ronaldo jubata mare
. karromin
. hamdai

vocabularySociety                 : masyarakat
Concerned            : prihatinkan
Determine             : menentukan
Various                 : bermacam
Analyze                : menganalisa
Particular              : teliti
Comfortable          : menyenangkan
Measured              : telah diperhitungkan
Regarded               : menghormati
Rather                   : agak
Ladder                  : tangga
Tycoon                 : raja
Variety                 : macam
Employed             : mempekerjakan
French                 : orang prancis
Hoping                 : mengharapkan
Increase               : pertambahan
Risktaking           : mengambil risiko
Paychecks            : gaji
Colleges               : perguruan tinggi

Exercise 1. Study the meaning of the following words, then use to fill in the gaps: monitor, check and control. Monitor CheckControlMonitorControl Exercise 2. Choose the words with similiar meaning from two colum…

why i continue my study to university level

Welcome, I thank the viewer's that for taking the time to visit my blog.Ok well, on occasion this time I will discuss about the reason "why I went on university level education". But before I will introduce myself first on the viewer's. My full name "karromin", and usually I called the call "Romin" and there is also a friend of a friend who sometimes call me by calling "Khara", but whatever they want to call me with any calls, as long as I understand that they're calling me. And I come from a region kuala dua, sub Sungai raya, Kubu raya district, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. I am the third child of four siblings, and among the four siblings, I was the first child to the level of a university to continue my education, but that does not mean my brothers dropped out of school and not. But because I prefer the brothers in religious teaching in schools. That is simply information about myself. Well, we just discuss the reasons why I continued m…